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Early attempts at creating eBooks began to disrupt the publishing industry and in 2007 Amazon radically disrupted the publishing industry 15 years ago when it released its first Kindle reader. Since then there have been only minor technology advancements, which is unique for most industries in this day and age. This is in large part due to retailers working to centralize and control the publishing industry. While most consumer believe when the hit a “Buy Now” button they are purchasing that eBook or Audiobook -when in fact they are only buying a license to view the content. Currently, no customer who has ever “purchased” an eBook or Audiobook actually owns one.

  • The ability for readers to see a real-time value of all of the digital books they own
  • The ability for readers to sell back their eBooks or audiobooks to an open marketplace
  • The ability for readers to earn cryptocurrency based on reading/listening progress
  • The ability to share or transfer a digital book much like a physical book
  • A unique book purchase could contain embedded multi-language support — and combined audio
  • NFT marketplaces (including eBay) are rapidly expanding and this will become commonplace — giving readers multiple places to resell their purchases
  • Ability to exchange BOOK Token for other cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges
  • Fundamentally change the education system with verified reading and an ongoing historical record of consumption
  • The ability for Authors and Publishers to get paid via smart contracts on all second-hand sales opens a completely new revenue stream in perpetuity
  • Next-generation security and Digital Rights Management will prevent what is currently very easily breakable, preventing lost revenue from digital counterfeiting
  • The ability for Publisher Sales Rights to transfer instantly from one Publisher or Imprint to another
  • The ability to produce unique digital collectible editions of books
  • The ability for anonymized Author-to-Reader communication, along with Publisher marketing tools that do not currently exist
  • Publisher/Authors can see holistic data about how their content is being consumed to inform future resource allocation
  • The ability for Print, eBook, and audiobooks to truly be securely bundled and tracked
  • The ability for Independent Authors to earn enormously higher revenue splits
  • Universities and schools can verify exactly how much content a particular student or employee read, with an irrefutable record of these activities stored on the blockchain forever
  • Own digital books and learning materials that never decay, and can easily be transferred between students
  • Buy in bulk directly from publishers and authors to reduce shipping costs
  • Enable NFT-publishing of works that they can then monetize

2. The Team:

The BOOK Token team previously created and sold an eBook platform and distribution company that had over 6,000,000 registers users. As the first eReader to be device agnostic it grew quickly. Choosing to work with, instead of against Publishers, the catalog contained over 186,000 Publishers and Imprints worldwide, including all of the Big 5 Catalogues (Penguin/Random House, Hachette, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan) and represented millions of book titles. The team was featured multiple times in technology publications and led the way for creating the most innovative reading experiences — many components of which were emulated by large centralized retailers. It became the world’s largest bulk eBook distributor with enterprise partnerships with Wall Street Journal, Intel, T-Mobile, Apple, Microsoft, Google, AARP, CBS, General Mills, over 50 universities including Stanford, and hundreds of others entities. This unique end-to-end digital publishing experience positions the team in a way that would be extremely difficult for newcomers to compete with or easily replicate.

3. The Opportunity

Digital Publishing presents an exciting opportunity due to the abundance of problems that exist in different areas. We will categorically break down each of these issues.

4. Technology & The BOOK Token

As blockchain technology has progressed to what is referred to as “3rd generation blockchain”, we are now able to leverage Proof-of-Stake (POS) open-source technology that makes NFT-based eBooks possible, with gas fees that are predictably lower than Proof-of-Work (POW) models. This is why we have chosen to build the initial version of the BOOK Token on the Cardano Platform.

5. Token Allocation

The BOOK Token Utility Coin will be sold both privately in multiple rounds, and publicly as an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The following describes the BOOK Token distribution:

6. Roadmap

The BOOK Token ecosystem will be a groundbreaking proof-of-stake blockchain solution for the development of a decentralized NFT-based eBook & Audiobook platform. It will be built with the rigor of high-assurance formal development methods and aims to achieve the scalability, interoperability, and sustainability needed for real-world applications. BOOK Token is designed to be the platform of choice for both large-scale Publisher technology solutions, as well as Independent Authors — with the focus and mission being to supply the absolute best reading, purchasing, and reselling economy of the future.



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BOOK Token

BOOK Token


BOOK Token is a Cardano-powered NFT marketplace for buying, reading, selling & trading eBooks and Audiobooks.